Call Recording Systems

Our system of recording and call management will allow your company to improve communication with users. This allows optimization of business processes and effective resolution of disputes with customers.

The system we offer is in line with legal regulations and based on innovative technologies. It has such features as:

  • User-friendly interface available from a browser, without the need for additional software
  • Quick and easy to search recordings, with the possibility of playing them in the browser window
  • Real time display panel for the telephony system (number of calls, duration, active numbers etc.)
  • Advanced audio player that detects periods of silence and periods of conversation during a call
  • View of live connections to monitor employees and improve customer service
  • The ability to categorize calls
  • The ability to make notes to the connection
  • Reconstruction of the call flow, or the grouping of dialogue into specific segments
  • Reports and call statistics
  • Various recording options: on-demand registration, automated registration or selection of recorded calls based on specific criteria
  • The ability to establish detailed rules for access and user rights
  • Active and passive call recording based on different scenarios of connections and different telephony infrastructure
  • Compliance with safety requirements and encryption of connections
  • Manual or automatic backup of recordings
  • Support for virtualization – giving increased flexibility, optimization of hardware resources and cost minimization
  • Certified compliance of solutions with virtually any telephony system
  • Encryption and advanced security standards
  • The ability to integrate with other system components, e.g. CRM