Data Centre

The data center allows a company to secure files and keep all services in one place.

This solution ensures business continuity in case of failure and avoids data loss from disk, e.g. as a result of damage to a computer, theft or other physical cause. Through the use of modern server hardware services in the central server, it is reliable and very efficient compared to alternatives.

Our company deals with designing server rooms, as well as ordering and installation of equipment such as DC network infrastructure, servers, arrays and server cabinets, as well as climate control systems, providing continuity of supply or fire safety. We supervise installations carried out by other contractors, for example installation of a redundant air conditioning system or electrical system. Additionally, we create a network of information technology and configurations for installed devices. We also create cloud-based implementations with a collocation partner, which ensures a consistent uninterrupted access to the media and the Internet. This approach allows means not having to think about issue such as providing appropriate environmental conditions (temperature and humidity). Co-location space is prepared specifically for operation of server equipment.