Managing the IT Department

As part of the implementation of our technical support service in your company, we can manage the IT department, and select top specialists in different areas from the existing IT staff.

Your employees, managed by us, can provide services to all your departments, as appropriate to their skills, in close co-operation with our customer helpdesk. As a result of this solution, each organizational unit of your company will have equal access to skilled professionals from relevant fields.

Our helpdesk staff accept the problem ticket, thoroughly analyze the nature of the problem and select a qualified employee for response. Then they forward the ticket and monitor progress. Finally, they contact you to inform you about the solution of the problem.

Letting us manage your IT department will bring you great benefits:

  • Reducing admin overhead for the management and directors of the company
  • Introduction of more rigorous organizational processes
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Reducing the number of specialists in the company
  • Centralizing IT management
  • Increasing the quality of services through professional customer service and effective customer communication