Networks and Telecommunication

Our company provides a wide range of services in the field of networks and telecommunication: from telephone and radio to local networks, as well as extensive private and wireless networks, and storage area networks in data centers.

Our services are characterized by the highest standards, as evidenced by compliance with quality management standards (ISO 9001: 2008) and data security in information systems (EN ISO 27001:2008).

We are not oriented to a single manufacturer, and we consider each order individually. We choose the optimum solution from a whole range available on the market, so that the result of our work always represents to the greatest possible extent the business needs of our customers, compatibility with already-implemented solutions and value for money.

Our advice on equipment selection is very different from the counsel of potential suppliers who recommend equipment, paying only attention to its targets, discounts, margins, etc. We are not a supplier of equipment, and hence we recommend the equipment that actually best meets your needs.

We adopt a standardized process, which we find to be highly satisfactory in 100% of our clients:

  1. We become familiar with basic information regarding the order and suggest an initial action plan
  2. We interview the client and audit the current solution, if necessary
  3. Based on an interview or audit, we offer several versions of solutions in the form of an implementation plan, guided by the needs of the customer
  4. The customer selects a particular version of a solution
  5. We implement the solution
  6. We perform validation tests and the client accepts the implementation
  7. We carry out training
  8. We maintain the solution and provide technical assistance services

You can find information about each of the services associated with networks and telecommunications provided by our company on specific pages.