Specialized IT Solutions

We know that customers often have unique requirements, and it is not always possible to implement turnkey solutions available on the market. Our team of developers and engineers are experienced in developing specialized applications and designing new equipment. We are able to meet clients’ specific expectations and needs. In creating software and facilities for customers, we use the most modern technologies.

Our products are scalable, and allow improvements and further upgrades. Integration with other applications in the enterprise is not a problem for us.

The basis of our activities is a six-step process that guarantees success even in the most complex deployments, proven with our customers in many projects:

  • We familiarize ourselves with the requirements
  • We create a solution design and submit it to the customer for acceptance
  • We create the system – e.g. applications and devices
  • We test and verify the correct operation with the customer
  • We implement the system and train employees
  • We maintain the system, providing technical assistance

At each stage we engage the customer to the maximum extent, so that the end result closely matches their needs. Our customers appreciate this approach, because it gives them benefits unattainable from other suppliers:

  • Better tailoring of the IT system to specific needs, leading to higher efficiency of organization
  • Increased process automation capabilities, which reduce the cost of human resources and increase the level of satisfaction with the time and the quality of the services provided
  • Higher adaptability to the needs of operational activities and expansion of business scope, e.g. the possibility to serve more customers or extend geographical coverage
  • Increased information security, through our control system, on issues relating to marketing, storage, encryption and managing backups