Our company offers a wide range of products, all having significant benefits to appropriate companies:

  • Call recording system – a solution to monitor and record telephone calls
  • Emergency medical support system – a system that allows the streamlining of emergency services through better management of forces and resources available
  • Automation systems – technology created by our company allowing for universal control and monitoring of various types of equipment used in the enterprise
  • Patient records system – an application designed for hospitals and clinics, allowing for recording of patients, printing identification wristbands and generating reports for the NFZ (National Health Fund) and automatically checking insurance in eWUŚ system
  • Fleet monitoring – a system that allows better communication between mobile resources through real-time display of their position, and reporting

We are able to customize each product to the specific needs of the customer.

We approach each project individually, generally working according to the following schedule:

  • We become familiar with the requirements
  • We create draft solutions that we submit for customer acceptance
  • We create the system – e.g. applications and devices
  • We test and verify correct operation with the customer
  • We implement the system and train employees
  • We maintain the system, providing technical assistance.

At every stage we engage the customer to the maximum extent, to ensure that the end result accurately reflects their needs. Our approach has convinced many entrepreneurs, because of such benefits as:

  • Better matching of the IT system to specific needs, i.e. higher efficiency of the organization
  • Increased process automation, which reduces the cost of human resources and increases the level of customer satisfaction with the timeliness and quality of services provided
  • Higher adaptability to the needs of operational activities and expansion of business scope, e.g. the ability to serve more customers, or extend geographical coverage
  • Increased information security, through a control system that manages issues relating to marketing, storage, encryption and backups.